TGW1918 for vCoH?

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TGW1918 for vCoH?

Post by CoHtaku » Wed May 11, 2016 10:33 am

Hallo Leute!

I've been spending some time lately playing around with the different versions of Company of Heroes - both the expansions and the mods - and i couldn't help but wonder why this wonderful mod is not for the original game, since it would be so much better. Of course you would have to include certain assets such as those of the British and Panzer Elite since they weren't in the original game, but it would be worth it to make the game more user-friendly, and all-round better. (I'm thinking in particular in regards to taking proper screenshots, which isn't possible to do in the expansions, but there are many other ways in which the original is better too, such as better graphics and better performance et cetera.)

What say you?

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