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Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:30 pm
by CoHtaku
Hello everyone. I have spent some time experimenting with gas attacks in L.A.N. in order to test their affects without the pressure of fighting a computer opponent, and composed my thoughts on a few abilities for you:

Green Cross/White Star:
Supposedly these gases "take out anybody too slow to put on his gasmask and send the rest running" (or something to that affect). This is quite untrue; It only takes out a few men, and doesn't cause many to retreat either. It also seems to have no affect on certain units including heavy weapons teams, officers, & infantry garrisoned in vehicles as well as the vehicles themselves. And the casualties caused by this gas are mostly incapacitated instead of killed, which does quite well to feed medic stations (although to be fair it does kill the medics, too). It also doesn't seem to cause any health damage.

Blue Cross:
"Gassed soldiers will be blinded and unable to fight or run" - Also untrue. Men affected by this gas are still able to see, shoot, and retreat. :|

"A powerful lachrymatory agent that penetrates gasmasks." Great, terrific. Finally a gas which penetrates gasmasks, and what does it do? It makes the enemy cry! Truely an ability which only Captain Mainwaring would approve of. :roll:

Here's a screenshot demonstrating the uselessness of this gas:
(Although the shell did do a bit of damage to the armoured car when it landed on it, so it's not completely useless.)

Colour-Combined Bombardment:
"Your off map heavy artillery will fire additional Blue and Green Cross shells."

With this upgrade your off-map artillery still does not fire any gas shells. Yet another useless gas attack. :(

There are still some other gas attacks which i haven't played with enough to comment on yet, but i think you get the picture. Ultimately my view is thus:

1) Aside from obviously being buffed to actually be useful, gas attacks would also benefit from being the default available barrages (for free), with explosive barrages having to be upgraded and with a paid Munitions cost for each use. - Standard H-E barrages are really devastating in this mod.

B) Another idea would be to have the usage of gasmasks activated & paid for by the commander, either on individual squads via their command panel or your whole army via the taskbar.

Bottom line, gas attacks should be an effective way of clearing out enemy positions without damaging the terrain, allowing you to occupy the same defensive positions as your enemy once held. (Or, if the enemy uses gasmasks, it could at least provide a resource drain. Either way it would do something.)

As always, i welcome any other opinions anyone may have. I know some people consider gas to be useful so i invite you to share your experiences.

Thanks, CoHtaku.

Re: Gas.

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:19 pm
by Higgins
The discription for the colour-combined bombardment is wrong. It adds gas to the barage from the officer.

Re: Gas.

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:47 pm
by CoHtaku
Oh yes? I'll have to try that sometime. Thanks Higgins. :)

Re: Gas.

Posted: Fri May 27, 2016 5:57 pm
by General WVPM
Check this out:

Edit since the link is only available to the dev team, I'll post the content here:
As promised I made a new gas system (currently only for ksk, white star, blue cross and green cross).
It is included in version 1.07 of the edited version.
Documentation about the way it works and current values.